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Virtual Plater is a place where we aim to open up and make accessible Catholic Social Teaching.

This will happen through the range of resources which www.virtualplater.org.uk will make accessible, including links to similar initiatives, and especially through study of two modules designed and written for the project.

–  Module A: Living Life to the Full

    This is fully accessible now.

–  Module B: Living in Just and Free Society  

    Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 are accessible (spring 2016).

What is Catholic Social Teaching?  For a short answer, see the start of page 1.2.3 in Module A.

The modules are for online study and will form the basis of a Post-Graduate Certificate in Catholic Social Teaching to be offered by Newman University, Birmingham: see Enquiries.

They may also be offered for study at four other universities which are participants in the VPlater project.  See Universities.

Through these resources, the VPlater project aims to contribute to enabling people to work for justice and the common good. It aspires to continue and develop the work of Plater College, which existed in Oxford from 1922 to 2005.

Plater College logo

  Plater College’s logo.  

This shows the cross, the Bible, a worker’s trowel and the dove of the Holy Spirit.  St Joseph the Worker was the patron saint of the College.


The Virtual Plater project has been funded by the Charles Plater Trust.


This website is in development.