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  1. I was really shocked and upset to read a lot of criticism on line about The Plater College which was closed down in 2005. For people like myself -running from abusive marriage, having qualification not recognised by the UK educational establishment ( A levels from communist then Poland) the Plater College offered a real solution. My life started there again, thanks to wondeful people like MR Blade or Pat Edge. As my english was rather of poor quality I was accepted under conditional offer that I improve by following Christmas. I worked so hard, which was easy in a lovely environment, with costant support from my tutors and colleagues and a Father Noel who was always happy to listen. I loved that place and its people! After successfully finishing the Legal studies and achieving distinction I then entered University from which I graduated with 2:1 in International Relations. I belive that my life would be completely diffrent today if I would not became a student of Plater College.

  2. Hello Kasha

    Really good to see your comment and to hear that Plater was a v positive time for you. I was working there 93-97 – were you there after 97? I remember Michael Blades and Pat Edge well.

    Congratulations on your degree. What are you up to now? ARe you in Poland now?

    I wonder how you came across the VPlater website.

    Thank you very much for posting.

    Nick (VPlater editor)

  3. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I studied at Plater College in Oxford in Academic Year 1998/99 .
    I lost my GCSE’s certificate and I do need it desperately, as Im just about to get enrol into Social Care Program.
    Would you be able to assist me which Examining Board I should be contacting in order to get a replacement?
    Kind Regards,
    Katarzyna ( Kasha)

  4. Loving the site. I have to say, I couldn’t get into it for a long time. I felt so upset at the closure of the college. Having now started reading, I am just annoyed I didn’t read it more. I have to much catching up to do. I did the legal studies course in the final year, and since then have been kept pretty busy. However, circumstances have given me the chance to step back towards religion, so there is plenty here that was not contained on my course.

    Circumstances have also given me a great deal of insight into what is right, and what should be, and I believe the college will re-open. Or more to the point, I have faith it will re-open. Perhaps not on the same site, but in Oxford. It is needed.

    There is the university there, and there is Ruskin, and there was Plater. After Plater’s closure it was only a matter of time before the material forces that shook it, would start to eat themselves. Three years later, we get the financial crash. There are always patterns. God does things oddly. Soon, an alternative must be found, or it must be re-opened. The spirituality of Oxford relied upon Plater for balance, and Oxford has a larger effect than a small academic city should have on a global scale.

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