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  1. I was really shocked and upset to read a lot of criticism on line about The Plater College which was closed down in 2005. For people like myself -running from abusive marriage, having qualification not recognised by the UK educational establishment ( A levels from communist then Poland) the Plater College offered a real solution. My life started there again, thanks to wondeful people like MR Blade or Pat Edge. As my english was rather of poor quality I was accepted under conditional offer that I improve by following Christmas. I worked so hard, which was easy in a lovely environment, with costant support from my tutors and colleagues and a Father Noel who was always happy to listen. I loved that place and its people! After successfully finishing the Legal studies and achieving distinction I then entered University from which I graduated with 2:1 in International Relations. I belive that my life would be completely diffrent today if I would not became a student of Plater College.

  2. Hello Kasha

    Really good to see your comment and to hear that Plater was a v positive time for you. I was working there 93-97 – were you there after 97? I remember Michael Blades and Pat Edge well.

    Congratulations on your degree. What are you up to now? ARe you in Poland now?

    I wonder how you came across the VPlater website.

    Thank you very much for posting.

    Nick (VPlater editor)

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